Vopak - "Spirit of Independence"

Vopak Mural-2sm

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"Spirit of Independence"

Those who took arms to join Sam Houston's ragged Texas Army in 1836 followed a particular energy that had been expanding as fast as the American nation from which they came. Fueled by the dreams of owning land on the Texas frontier, a wide variety of "soldiers" shouldered their muskets and rifles and fell into ranks on the fateful march to San Jacinto. Many were recent arrivals included raw civilians as well as "deserters" from the U.S. Army located on the other side of the Sabine --- who would be allowed to "desert" back into ranks upon the completion of the war. With the recent disasters at the Alamo and Goliad fresh on their minds, these new arrivals knew this venture came with incredible risks and no guarantees. Instead, a new Spirit of Independence guided this peculiar fighting force to its destiny, and that of Texas.