Lyondell - "Destiny"

Lyondell Destiny 1sm

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On April 16, 1836, the Texas Army did something that changed the entire course of history. Coming to a fork in the road, the exhausted column of civilian soldiers, beaten down by the ravages of weather, starvation, and absolute desperation, decided to stop retreating and finally face their enemy. Their destiny, they believed, was choosing that time and place to finally shift the balance of war to their cause. Veering to the right and into the path of conflict, the little army trudged towards Santa Anna's forces. The Texian soldier depicted in the EpicArt mural is pointing to that very place--- the plains of San Jacinto--- where the battle cry "Remember the Alamo!' would become synonymous with Texas Independence. The Lone Star & Stripes in the background was the ubiquitous ensign flown during the most of the Texas Revolution.