Exxon Mobile - "The Volunteers"

Exxon Mural 1sm


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Six weeks before the Battle of San Jacinto, and while the Alamo garrison was about to be overwhelmed, Texian volunteers from every direction were coming to Gonzales to form a new Texas Army. One of those was Jose Antonio Menchaca, a Tejano rancher from San Antonio, who was given orders by the Alamo command to evacuate his family out of harm's way thereby surviving the eventual carnage. Another Texian who arrived about the same time was Jesse Billingsley, the storied frontier captain of the Mina (Bastrop) Volunteers. As the crude army of citizen volunteers took shape, men like Menchaca and Billingsley would serve the cause in many ways including scouting, escorting civilian evacuees, and skirmishing with Santa Anna's advance troops long before the climatic battle. The volunteer corps was so diverse that one observer commented that many different languages could be heard as one walked through their camp.