Patrick's Cabin

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In April of 1836, Sam Houston and his small band of men defeated the powerful Mexican Army under the leadership of General Santa Anna on the San Jacinto Battlefield. Following the battle, Sam Houston took the Mexican General to a nearby cabin to draft the initial treaty papers securing Texas' independence from Mexico.

The cabin was the home of Dr. George Moffitt Patrick, and was located on Buffalo Bayou where Rohm and Haas Texas Incorporated in Deer Park is today. Because of this significant historical happening on Deer Park soil, Deer Park holds the distinction of being the true "Birthplace of Texas."


The City of Deer Park proudly displays a replica of the historic Patrick's Cabin at 1410 Center St. between 13th Street and Helgra. The replica was constructed in 1985 by a group of City employees in the Parks and Recreation and Public Works Departments. In the fall of 2007, a joint effort by the Beautification Committee and the Historical and Tourism Committee moved Patrick's Cabin from Dow Park to its more prominent and permanent location on Center St. Modifications to the interior and exterior of the cabin, in addition to the location site, have been made to better capture the authenticity of the 1830's.


In August 2008, the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce selected Patrick's Cabin as the recipient of the Beautification Award. Every month, Ambassadors of the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce present the Beautification Award to a member in our community who has gone the extra mile to enhance the appearance of their property and promote the beautification of Deer Park.